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  1. simified:

    a pretty rough Shin’ichi :V 

  2. Ayumi’s room

  3. bes-ye94:




    [JS SIMS 3] Sporty Style Denim Shirt

    • Available For:
    • Female - YA / Adult
    • Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Outerwear
    • Two recolorable channels
    • Both package and sims3pack formats available

    » DOWNLOAD «

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     ≧ε ≦一如既往的beautiful~~!


    謝謝~~~我還沒正是玩過sim4 (還沒安裝 怕電腦跑不動)

    只玩過cas demo 部過看大家都跑去sims4了害我有點心癢癢=v=”

    木有事木有事o(≧v≦)o ~~M4比M3配置要求低的多!户外光线超级棒!现在皮肤化妆都出来啦,衣服不能少!我看好你呦~~~o(≧v≦)o 

  4. seventhecho:

    Alright guys… I broke down.

    This is my base action that I use on my Sims 4 screenshots, meaning that I do adjust some settings depending on the photo.

    This action does include topaz clean, so you may not get the same final result if you don’t have it installed. I found mine for free by searching for it here on tumblr. I also use Photoshop CS6 and I’m not sure if this action will work with other versions.

    To install: Have the actions tab activated (Windows>Actions), and simply just drag and drop it into the tab window that opens. Or you can click the little arrows that are in the top right of that small tab window and select “Load Actions” and add it that way.

    Feel free to use this as a base and tweak the settings to make your own action, but please do not re-upload and claim as your own original content.


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    soooooooo beautiful!!!

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  6. -Azumi: Now, I have an idea!

    -Azumi: I am going to breathe my demons into this snowman’s head

    -Azumi: So it will be EEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL

    -Saki: K, whatever…

  7. alexs3cc:

    Boxed Planters Set by D2Diamond


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  8. baufive:

    So many tables. So much good.

    It might be ‘the end’ for TS3, but not for me! And not for you either!!

    We have so much more to explore - but for now - go and download this handy dandy set!

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  9. plumb-bombs:

    Available for all ages the hair was released for originally. Disabled for random. Cloned. Compressed. Custom Thumbnails. 

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  10. hhoxton:

    Hello friends!!

    My game hasn’t worked for a few weeks, but I hit 500 followers so I had to make a gift to thank all you wonderful people :D so here you go, 15 duvet covers for your sims!!

    Mesh and art credit are in the buy catalog description :)

    I don’t know if I’m just really bad with TSRW or what, but in the game’s buy catalog the patterns don’t show up on the selection subwindow, so you have to click on the pattern to see what it looks like. So sorry, if you know how to fix this please message me!

    Also, a huge thank you to Heather for taking the in-game preview shot for me, it looks wonderful, thank you so much! :D

    now, Enjoy!

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